Kid Cudi has made headlines all over the world for rocking a dress during his performance on SNL.

While he isn’t the first (and won’t be the last male artist) to do so, he hasn’t made headlines purely for wearing a dress, but rather because by doing so, he was intentionally paying tribute to the one and only, Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain.

The rapper took to the SNL stage for a back-to-back performance of two tracks from his latest album, Man on the Moon III: The Chosen, performing ‘Tequila Shots’ and ‘Sad People’.

The performance saw Kid Cudi pop his musical guest cherry.

Not only did Cudi rock a spaghetti strap floral printed dress, he also donned a green knit cardigan, similar to one that Cobain has also worn. One user tweeted, “Sensing a pattern here with Kid Cudi on #SNL and another KC.”

Just one day after the performance both Kid Cudi and Off-White creative director took to social media to elaborate on the pieces, where Cudi reveals that he got the ball rolling.

Cudi wrote, “I told him I wanted to show love to Kurt w a floral print sundress and this man made a masterpiece. Thank You @virgilabloh ur a f—in genius!! Love you man we did it!!!”

He then also tweeted again, saying that they are “doin a collection w Off White and the dress will be included!!”

Abloh also shared photos of Cudi’s SNL looks on Instagram saying, “freedom is, as freedom does. feel free. @Off____White™ specially reserved for Mr. Rager only, @kidcudi ~ @nbcsnl ©2021″

And the significance of the the moment only deepens as many have pointed out the timing of the Cudi fashion moment has taken place on the anniversary week of Cobain’s death. Cudi also joined Pete Davidson and Chris Redd to perform a little number called Weird Little Flute

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Watch Kid Cudi perform ‘Sad People’ on ‘SNL’ below.

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