Kid Rock has announced that he won’t be playing at any venues on his 2022 Bad Reputation Tour if they have COVID vaccine mandates in place.

The ‘All Summer Long’ singer has said that he has scheduled shows at venues that don’t have any vaccine mandates, and if the mandates are in place by the time he’s scheduled to perform, he will cancel that show.

“You’re going to be getting your money back because I won’t be showing up, either,” Kid Rock said on his Facebook page. “If you think I’m going to sit out there and say don’t tell me how to live, “We The People,” while people are holding up their f-ing vaccine cards and wearing masks, that s— ain’t happening.”

During the video, Kid Rock shared that he and his team have actually cancelled some venues because they have COVID protocols in place.

“We actually scratched Buffalo, NY off the list because of that and Toronto, Canada and several other cities we were looking at. I don’t want to deal with that shit either and I know you don’t,” he shared.

Kid Rock’s Bad Reputation tour kicks off on April 6 and will see him playing at 24 cities across the US. Despite Kid Rock’s strong stance against vaccine mandates, he recently revealed that he was vaccinated against COVID-19.

In August, the outspoken rocker revealed that some of his band members tested positive for COVID-19, despite being vaccinated.

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“I am pissed,” he wrote on his website at the time. “Over half the band has fucking covid (not me), and before u shit for brains bloggers and media trolls run your mouths, many of them, like me, have been vaccinated.”

Continuing to share controversial opinions, Kid Rock released a new single titled ‘Don’t Tell Me How To Live’ in November, 2021, where he rants against “woke” culture and the media, claiming that “every opinion has a millennial offended.” 

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