‘Tis the spooky season and with every Halloween comes an amazing thread of celebs and their costumes. Cue Diddy

One costume that you will see at every Halloween party is the Joker. This year, the culprit is Diddy. And Diddy has been very busy harassing the citizens of Gotham City. 

His first victim, Tyler the Creator. Seemingly just running into him on the road, Tyler barley survived his run in with the clown prince of crime.

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“Tyler the creator… Tyler you are my favourite rapper in the world!” laughs Diddy. 

“This is top tier,” grins Tyler, shortly before Diddy pretends to attempt to steal his car. But alas, Tyler escapes.

One thing is inarguable, and that is that Diddy definitely committed to the bit and tried his best to imitate the mannerisms of the late great Heath Ledger in the 2008 film The Dark Knight. 

The next to just survive was Kim Kardashian. Diddy gets up close and personal, threatening her with his calling card. A joker.  

“You smell like Kim Kardashian… Would you like to come play?” cackles Diddy, before walking off. 

The Joker is one of fiction’s most iconic characters and has been rebooted and recontextualised countless times, and will continue to do so. So with that in mind, maybe it’s Diddy’s time to launch into the DC Universe and fight Batman. I mean, I’d watch that.

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