KISS fans may soon have a major reason to celebrate after Paul Stanley revealed that the long-awaited biopic on the iconic band is “definitely happening”.

Speaking with Download host Kylie Olsson, KISS frontman Paul Stanley opened up about his favourite memories with the festival, while also dishing some exciting deets on the forthcoming KISS biopic, Shout It Out Loud.

“It is definitely happening,” Paul confirmed.

“And that’s gonna be really interesting. The script was really good. And we really waited until we felt comfortable.

“Look, you get one chance to do it, and I would rather not do it than do it half-assed or poorly,” Stanley explained.

“Our director is the real deal. He did Maleficent 2 and he’s not some hack; he knows how to make movies. It should be great. Casting hasn’t begun yet. But that will be interesting too.”

Discussing who his ideal pick would be to portray him in the flick, Stanley said: “And I will tell you this: for casting to be accurate in terms of age, we are looking at actors in their early 20s.

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“Honestly, I don’t know a whole lot of actors in their early 20s. When people get asked these kinds of questions, they’ll say, ‘Oh, Brad Pitt,’ or this one or that one. Well, those guys are in their 50s or 60s, so you’re talking about another generation of actors.

He continued: “And I’m the first to say I’m not up on a lot of them. But as the casting process goes on, I’ll certainly be there and watching. It’ll be interesting to see how someone else — be it the casting people or the director — how they view who I am and who they see doing that. I think I’ll learn a lot about their perception of me by who they cast.”

Back in April, Deadline reported that Netflix is near a deal for the film, which reportedly aims to achieve for the group what Bohemian Rhapsody did for Queen.

We can’t wait!

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Check out Paul Stanley talking about the KISS biopic with Download:

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