KISS have offered an onstage reunion to their former bandmates for the upcoming tour, but stress that their involvement will end there.

With KISS kicking off their final world tour in Canada tomorrow night, fans have begun to wonder what these last shows might consist of.

While some fans hoped it might be reminiscent of the band’s previous farewell tour, which saw reunions with former members, others wondered if the previous members would even be welcome.

Last year, founding guitarist Ace Frehley joked he would take part in the farewell tour “for the right price”, only to later stipulate he’d have to completely take over from Tommy Thayer if he was to appear with his old band.

Nevertheless, Frehley did perform with the group just days later, appearing alongside Bruce Kulick on the eighth annual KISS Kruise.

However, in a new interview with Guitar World (via Blabbermouth), Gene Simmons noted that while former members are invited onstage, they’ll never again be considered a member of the group.

“Ace and Peter [Criss] have gotten three chances,” Simmons began. “They were in and out of the band — fired — three times. For drugs, alcohol, bad behavior, being unprofessional … they weren’t carrying their load.”

“So the short answer to your question is we’d love to have Ace and Peter join us here and there. And if they don’t, it’s not going to be because of us. But they’re never going to be in KISS again.”

“Three times is the charm; ‘I promise I’ll pull out’ doesn’t work,” Simmons continued. “It’s the boy who cried wolf: ‘Oh, I’ve been straight for a million years.’ Terrific! Have a good life!”

“Would we welcome Ace or Peter to jump up onstage for a song or two? Of course. Could we depend on either Ace or Peter to do a full set night after night? Not on your fucking life.”

Check out KISS’ ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You’:


Vocalist Paul Stanley also chimed in on the matter, noting that such a matter isn’t up to him.

“But I’ll say that this is a celebration of this band and its accomplishments and its history,” Stanley explained. “So anybody who was shortsighted enough to think this should be a reunion is missing the point.”

“That being said, I would love to see everybody at one point or another be onstage. And if that doesn’t happen, it’s their choice, not mine.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the pair also discussed some of the other former members, heaping praise on Bruce Kulick and stating he is “somebody who shouldn’t be overlooked or underestimated as far as his role in the band.”

However, when it came to the topic of early ’80s guitarist Vinnie Vincent, they were less than receptive, with Paul Stanley explaining, “I would say that’s not someone who I want to celebrate.”

“It’s worth stating that Vinnie has sued the band and lost 14 times,” Gene Simmons added. “I’m not here to cast any aspersions. He’s a talented guy. That’s why he was in the band. But would I depend on him to get up onstage and do anything? Never.”

“Can he come to the shows? Of course! Anybody can. But onstage? Never.”

KISS’ End Of The Road farewell tour will kick off its Australian leg in November, hitting up Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Newcastle, and Sydney, before wrapping up in Brisbane.

It’s not clear if Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, or any other former members might make their way down under with the band, but you can be sure that KISS will make these shows some of their best-ever.

Check out KISS’ ‘Rock & Roll All Nite’:

KISS End Of The Road Australian Tour 2019

Saturday, November 16th
RAC Arena, Perth, WA
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Tuesday, November 19th
Coopers Stadium, Adelaide, SA
Tickets: Ticketek & 132 849

Thursday, November 21st
Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, VIC
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Friday, November 22nd
Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, VIC
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Saturday, November 23rd
Supercars Newcastle 500, NSW
Tickets: Ticketek & 132 849

Tuesday, November 26th
QUDOS Bank Arena, Sydney, NSW
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Thursday, November 28th
Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, QLD
Tickets: Ticketek & 132 849