Every week there’s a bunch of music-related stories, links, videos and other internet goodies that are a little on the trashy side, but for whatever reason get everyone in the office talking.

This is what the Tone Deaf Trash Can is all about: it’s our avenue for sharing the funniest, weirdest and downright tackiest music stories of the week to help you keep up to date with the best (and worst) things happening in pop culture. Don’t feel guilty – you’re allowed to enjoy it.

Nicki Minaj Accused Of Throwing Shade At Iggy Azalea In Sassiest Acceptance Speech Ever

This week’s BET Awards were officially the most sun-smart awards show in history thanks to all of the UV-blocking shade provided by none other than Nicki Minaj.

The sunny weather quickly turned overcast when Minaj dished out her first bout of hilariously ice-cold shade for the day, caught on camera seemingly mocking Iggy Azalea during her performance of ‘Fancy’. So shadowy, so dim, so shady:

Then, when Minaj took out the award for Best Female Hip Hop Artist and used her acceptance speech to boast, “When you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it,” whilst laughing, flicking her 20-inch weave and sarcastically repeating “no shade, no shade, no shade,” most people watching on with working eyes and/or ears assumed she was indeed casting a shadow in the direction of Azalea à la Melisandre and Renly.  

However, Minaj has since come out on Twitter to say she didn’t intend to block Azalea’s sun, insisting that she’s using her platform to support her fellow female peers in the heavily male-dominated rap game rather than to knock them down.

Seeing as Minaj never actually named Azalea in her speech, my Year 10 legal studies knowledge reckons she’d probably be able to get away with this if we were in court.

Still, whether you believe her back-peddling or not, the speech is definitely worth watching purely as a masterclass in shade-throwing. (Warning: below video has the quality of a potato.)

Robin Thicke’s Twitter Q&A Went About As Well As You’d Imagine

If you’re the manager of a guy who is hated more than Terry Richardson, lukewarm coffee, and is probs about on par with Chris Brown, the last thing you encourage him to do is interact with the torch and pitchfork-wielding general public.

As the story goes, serial misogynist and all-round gross creep Robin Thicke held what he thought would be a fun Q&A session on Twitter to promote his new album which I’m not even going to name because fuck giving Robin Thicke a free plug.

The tirade of vitriolic hatred that ensued via witty 140-character jabs targeted everything from his posture to his divorce, but they particularly focussed on Thicke’s psycho-obsessive attempt at winning back his ex-wife by dedicating this entire new album to her even though she clearly doesn’t want him back – in other words, yeah, this album is Thicke’s blissfully-unaware way of announcing to the world he’s 37 years old and doesn’t know the meaning of consent.

Here are some of our favourite gems from the hilarious train wreck that was #AskThicke:

Good job, internet.

Ex-Wu Tang Member Who Cut Off His Own Penis Wants To Do Porn To Prove It Still Works

You read correctly. That is an actual headline that happened this week.

Earlier this year Wu Tang-affiliated rapper Christ Bearer bore the power of Christ given to him by PCP and severed off his own dick and jumped out a window – you know, as you do. But apparently not quite content with the levels of batshit insanity in that sentence, this week Bearer made us remember his dismembered member by announcing plans to star in his own porn.

That’s right, Christ Bearer’s Christ-bearer is ready for its closeup, and there’s rumours that porn hub Vivid’s boss, Steve Hirsch, is interested in making this a thing. This could be the weirdest boner ever.

Watch the rapper’s TMZ interview below, in which he talks about *that* incident and gives the most compelling “don’t do drugs” account I’ve heard in a long time.

Erykah Badu Crashes Live News Report In Spectacular, Giant Hat Fashion

Like popping bubble wrap or turning into a giant ball of sap at the sight of a French Bulldog, interrupting a news anchor’s live crossover is one of those incontrollable human urges that even celebrities aren’t immune from.

Queen of nu-soul Erykah Badu recently upstaged every 15-year-old boy at the footy ever when she crashed PIX 11 anchor Mario Diaz live on national TV. Making full use of her opportunity, Badu makes crude gestures, whispers “call me”, and even attempts to kiss Diaz mid-sentence, and it’s all been captured in a gloriously-infinite Vine.

Badu gets full marks for her effort and even earns some extra points for apologising to Diaz afterwards on Twitter.

Gene Simmons Pisses Himself During Live Kiss Show

This week’s video that successfully nearly made one of our staff members piss themselves was footage of Gene Simmons (“allegedly”) pissing himself onstage at a recent concert at Denver’s Pepsi Center. The fan-captured video clearly shows a mysterious and potentially yellow-tinged stream trickling/heavily cascading down Simmons’ thigh. However, Simmons has since defended himself with good humour from the giant #PissGate that has had a literal flow-on effect for days since the footage first emerged, claiming he strategically poured water down the front of his outfit to wash away some sticky stage blood.

We’re going to disagree and go with the wee story. Sorry, geriatric Gene.

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