Kiss frontman Paul Stanley has defended his right to share his opinions on Donald Trump and politics with fans. 

Taking to Twitter, Stanley said it is not his “intention” to make people feel alienated by his views.

“If You Are A Fan Who Now Feels My Opinions Are Alienating You, that is sadly your choice & not my intention,” he said.

“Do the entertainers you enjoy have to share your beliefs? Would you like it more if you didn’t know? In many cases, you’d be fooling yourself. I won’t do that to you or me.”

On Saturday, January 9th, Stanley also tweeted: “To All Those Who Don’t Share My Views… You are not my enemy. A democracy needs those differences to make it better & ultimately stronger. Friendship doesn’t need agreement. OUR enemy should be anyone who turns us against each other for their personal gain.”

The recent tweets are far from the first time Paul Stanley, a vocal opponent of Donald Trump, has opened up about political issues.

Last week, Stanley spoke out after Trump appeared to attempt to convince Georgia Secretary Of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” votes in order to overturn the US presidential election result.

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“This is ABHORRENT. A true danger to our democracy. The issue isn’t that it WON’T work. It’s Mob Boss behaviour and politicians putting party over audits, investigations, court rulings & COUNTRY in an effort to overrule the will of American voters,” he wrote.

In a second tweet, Stanley continued: “After numerous audits, debunked claims of rampant voter tampering, dead people voting & the countless cases thrown out by Trump appointed judges & others… When is not getting the hoped for result accepted?? Biden won.”

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