Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch has given a positive update about the band’s upcoming record, noting the album should be out by September of 2019.

Over the last few months, we’ve been seeing a few sporadic updates in regards to Korn’s upcoming thirteenth studio album.

Speaking to Metal Hammer earlier this year, frontman Jonathan Davis explained that the new record featured “really good ideas” and some “really cool grooves”.

“It really doesn’t start taking place until I get there and glue all the sh*t together with the arrangements and put my vocals on it,” he explained at the time. “I’m really excited for it. It doesn’t suck, I know that.

Then, an Instagram post from drummer Ray Luzier confirmed that Korn were indeed back in the studio, though no further details were given about how the album was shaping up.

Now, guitarist Brian “Head” Welch has given an update on the new record, including an idea of when we might expect to finally hear it.

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Speaking to Revolver, Head touched on a number of topics, including his initial departure from the band, his new documentary, and the passing of Jonathan Davis’ wife Deven. However, the most exciting part of the interview saw the rocker discussing the band’s upcoming album.

“The new record, I’m very stoked on,” Head explained. “I can’t wait to get that done. There’s a lot left to do.”

“What we have is really encouraging. We have been writing and we have tracked most of the drums. But we’ll probably write a couple more songs — that always happens. At the beginning of the year, we’re going to really focus and get it done. ”

We’re [recording] it all over,” he continued. “We’ve been to Nashville a few times, we’ve done a lot in L.A. We actually wrote with John Feldmann, too, for the demos. Travis Barker laid the temporary drums for some, and that was cool.”

“We’ve known John Feldmann since ’87 — he was in Electric Love Hogs. So we’re writing with different people. We grabbed [producer] Nick Raskulinecz, and he’s very hands on and such a fan of music. It’s not a job or a gig to him.”

In regards to when we might finally hear the new record, Head explained that the new record should hopefully arrive by next September, which is when fall kicks off in the US.

The Korn album should be out by next fall,” he explained. “We have to get it out, because we want to get back to the fans next year and do our thing.”

“We’re working hard. We’ve been through a lot. Now it’s time to get all those emotions and turn them into a positive with music. Jonathan is really good at that.”

While it looks like we’ve still got quite a bit of a wait before the follow-up to Korn’s The Serenity of Suffering finally arrives, it’s sounding as though the record is shaping up to be one of their best yet. Watch this space!

Check out Korn’s ‘Got The Life’:

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