Lil Nas X has been promising “the greatest comeback of all time” across social media this weekend, as well as a pivot to… Gospel?

The rapper (real name Montero Hill) has been teasing all kinds of plans to “expose the music industry”, claiming in one post that he plans to “expose y’all favourite artists next week”.

In a series of TikTok videos, Hill appeared to confirm his plans to release a new track on Friday, 12th January (the same day Ariana Grande has announced her new single), and captioned one clip posing with police officers, ““Me staying with the police department 24/7 for the best five days before I expose the music industry for what they did to me. Evil will not stop what God has planned.”


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Fans have questioned Hill’s motives after he started teasing a pivot into Gospel music, at one point claiming he’d be releasing his new track independently “because [his] label doesn’t want [him] to make gospel music” and that “the industry tried to make [him] satanic”.

“The media stopped supporting me after I started promoting God to the masses,” he captioned another clip. “And … the industry is wicked which is why I was blackballed from releasing music for the last year and a half. But I’m finally independent now and will be dropping a new song next week.”

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Last Thursday, Hill used X (formerly Twitter) to tease a new single featuring “a very beloved popstar who [he’s] been a fan of for a long time”, which was yesterday confirmed via a series of photographs to be Kesha, with a release date of 12th January 2024.

One fan account claimed the forthcoming track would be called ‘J Christ’, however the the single has not been officially named by either singer yet.

The new collaboration marks Kesha’s first release since leaving Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe records at the end of 2023.

It appears that this may not be the only track we’ll see from Hill this week, though. The ‘Industry Baby’ rapper had shared that his next track “was inspired by the January 6 events” (referring to the Capitol Hill riots in January 2021), to which Kesha responded, ““I’M. NOT. ON. this one…..”

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