Lil Nas X is definitely up to something, but apparently that something actually has nothing to do with Nike.

Just yesterday the ‘Old Town Road’ artist announced that he would be bringing the world a pair of shoes most people definitely did not ask for… and they’re known as Satan Shoes.

It’s allegedly a collaboration with streetwear company MSCHF and together they’ve created a pair of very questionable sneakers, using the Nike Air Max 97 sneaker, but in a very satanic way.

To transform the 97 into a pair of Satan Shoes, they’ve been adorned with a pentagram pendant, as well as containing a drop of blood in the sole in the shoe.

According to NBCMSCHF has stated that the blood contained in the shoe is real human blood and has been drawn from MSCHF team members.

Naturally the shoes have been rejected by many, particularly as the news of the shoes broke over Palm Sunday weekend, with Nike becoming collateral damage in the storm. However to all Nike heads who identify as non-Satan worshippers, there was a strong sense of relief when Nike came clean, clearing the air that they are not involved in the Satan Shoe in any way.

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In a statement from Nike they said, “We do not have a relationship with Little Nas X or MSCHF.  Nike did not design or release these shoes and we do not endorse them.”

True to form, the artist has been the definition of unapologetic about the shoes, even taking the piss when it came to apologising for the outlandish pair of shoes with a fake YouTube apology.

The pendant on the shoes is also a reference to Luke 10:18, which for anyone wondering, is a Bible verse which notes Satan’s fall from heaven. They’re set to be sold for $1,018 a pair, as well as only 666 (of course), being made.

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