In the land of rapper cryptocurrency, Lil Pump is the latest artist to enter the marketplace. And you can refer to the currency as PumpCoin.

Coming just one week after Lil Yachty’s cryptocurrency release: YachtyCoin, Lil Pump has also come together with Fyooz, a platform which digitally translates “stars, talents, or brands” into “tokens”, which are then sold to fans. So essentially you’re investing in that person or brand.

And it’s referred to the social money movement. By Fyooz, at least.

Fyooz stated via their website, “The Lil Pump token launch follows just one week after #YachtyCoin debuted on Fyooz. Fyooz tokenizes the attention that artists receive by enabling fans to buy artist tokens and in return fans get direct, exclusive, 1:1 access. Together, Fyooz and artists are setting the stage for the mainstream adoption of digital assets, as fans globally flock to own a little piece of everyone they love, in a token.”

Fyooz CEO Remo Prinz also commented on the current state of the music industry, referring to the fact that right now artists are not able to play live events. And given that, right now there is a need for artists and fans to find new ways to connect.

“Fyooz connected artists directly to their fans by giving them exclusive experiences they can’t get anywhere else. And it’s so simple. The tokenisation process takes literally minutes and fans in many corners of the world can buy a token at the click of a button.”

Decrypt have also reported that PumpCoin will allow users to game directly with the rapper himself, as well as being able to engage with him in other ways, however the specifics on that are still unclear at this point.

Like Lil Yachty’s cryptocurrency, PumpCoin will only be available outside of the US to purchase.

So who’s backing in Lil Pump?