US rapper Lil Yachty wants to help hip-hop history repeat itself, sharing his desires to create a new group like the legendary Wu-Tang Clan.

Back in the early ’90s, the world of hip-hop was undoubtedly taken by storm thanks to the sudden appearance of the Wu-Tang Clan.

A sprawling collective from New York City’s Staten Island, the group was founded by de facto leader The RZA, and would soon go on to help revolutionise hip-hop, well and truly putting the East Coast style on the map.

As the years have gone by, the Wu-Tang Clan has been cited as one of the best groups in the genre, with praise stemming from their lyrical, musical, and performance techniques, and for the legacy they have left behind along the way.

Now, the next generation wants to see history repeat itself.

Last week, fans saw the first trailer for Wu-Tang: An American Saga, a new miniseries that aims to showcase the origins of the Wu-Tang Clan and illustrate how they reached the heights that they did during their career.

However, one fan that appears to be rather keen on the new show is Lil Yachty, who took to Twitter to share his desires for recreating the Wu-Tang Clan’s origins.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday morning, Lil Yachty wrote that he was “most excited to watch this wu-tang saga on Hulu.” Before long though, these thoughts were complemented by his own dreams of starting a hip-hop collective, writing “I wanna start a new rap group yung nigga wu tang swag bout 8 yung fly niggaz.”

While this idea soon gained traction on social media, Lil Yachty was quick to point out that he didn’t want to recreate the Wu-Tang Clan, rather, he would prefer the group to be similar to the iconic collective, using them as their base inspiration.

Of course, the notion of being involved in a sprawling group like this isn’t new to Lil Yachty, with XXL noting that he had previously been part of a crew called the Sailing Team.

Featuring Kodie Shane, Jban$2Turnt, Byou, BIGBRUTHACHUBBA, K$upreme, Earl The Pearll, and Burberry Perry, only one release came from the group in 2016, with Lil Yachty later claiming that the rest of the group were “really lazy”.

“Not even a thing where they were envious or jelly, they were just really lazy,” he explained in an interview. “I was like, ‘Why am I sitting here trying so hard to make you guys?’”

Whether or not we will see Lil Yachty attempt to create his own Wu-Tang-inspired group remains to be seen, but here’s hoping the folks he recruits for this one aren’t as “lazy” as the Sailing Team was.

Check out ‘C.R.E.A.M.’ by the Wu-Tang Clan:

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