Lily Cornell Silver, daughter of the late Chris Cornell is pressing pause on her IGTV series, Mind Wide Open for now, featuring her mother and band manager, Susan Silver as its last special guest.

Cornell Silver featured her mother as a guest on her series as a special way to commemorate what would have been her father’s 57th birthday.

On the series, Cornell Silver hosted a number of guests including The Pretty Reckless’ Taylor Momsen, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and many more.

For her last episode, the focus was on the intersection between mental health and addiction as well as her mother’s life experience.

As reported by Consequence of Sound, Silver spoke on her decision to have a child with Cornell. She said, “Your dad and I always wanted to bring a family into the world and we were so busy with our careers.”

She continued, “But it was the heart shattering loss of my little brother that made me stop and really look at bringing you into the world, first and foremost. And… really think about, ‘How did I want that to be for you?’ What did I want for you that I didn’t have in my growing up.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Silver also spoke on her experience being surrounded by others with substance abuse and addictions.

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She said, “By the time you were born, I had dealt with a lot of people who had substance abuse and addiction and there had been a fair amount of losses. And the losses, of course, have a profound impact. I was in my early 40s when I had you so I had a lot of life experience to look back on.”

“I had participated in a lot of programs with people in different rehabs, I would go as a supportive family member or spouse or in a professional capacity with clients.”

Silver added, “And certainly, I learned that there’s something underneath the addiction component and the conversation about mental health started to become more and more prevalent.”

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Watch the episode below: