K-pop group BLACKPINK’s Lisa has tested positive for COVID-19. Other members of the quartet are awaiting their results as well.

According to a new report by YG Entertainment, the agency representing BLACKPINK, group member Lisa has tested positive for COVID-19. All of Lisa’s activities are currently on hold, while the other members are also awaiting results.

In a statement, YG Entertainment clarified that Lisa received a diagnosis for COVID-19 on the afternoon of November 24th.

“The other three BLACKPINK members have not been classified as close contacts yet, but they immediately received PCR tests after hearing of Lisa’s positive COVID-19 results, and they are currently awaiting their results.” they said.

The agency also promised strong preemptive measures for present and future activities: “We first shared this information quickly and accurately with representatives and staff, and we took strong preemptive measures even beyond the guidelines of health authorities.”

“We will continue to not hold back on providing full support with the health of our artists and related staff members as the top priority. If there are any changes in the future, we will once again notify you quickly.” they said.

Lisa’s diagnosis comes amongst a wave of rising cases in South Korea.

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The singer is also coming off a successful press run for her solo EP, LALISA, which not only cemented her power-status, but also blazed through previous records.

Last month, the title track from LALISA, the eponymous ‘Lalisa’, became the fastest K-pop music video by a solo female artist to hit the 300 million view mark. Coincidentally, Lisa also dethroned fellow member Jennie for this achievement – her solo release, aptly titled ‘SOLO’, had held the record previously.

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Check out ‘LALISA’ by Lisa: