If there is one song that crystallizes the confused cross-section during the early ’90s between novelty singles and the burgeoning hip hop movement, it’s ‘Jump’ by Kirs Kross, whose entire thing was about wearing their clothing backwards, and being pre-teens.

Metal band Killset figured the song was ripe for a heavy makeup, complete with a ridiculous ’90s referencing video clip, featuring the most Starter gear you’ve seen since the Pippa and Michael years of Home and Away.

“We wanted to cover a song that already had a cool vibe on its own and impart the Killset style into it,” the band’s singer Luca explained. “The idea of a bunch of metal guys dressing up like Kris Kross just sounded like way too much fun.

“I wrote the script and then we went to thrift stores and bought the biggest jeans they had, Timberland boots, leather woven belts, boomboxes, jerseys, Cross Colours clothes and I had my mom send out my old pager.”

Check it out, below.

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