A recent survey conducted has shown a very positive outcome in favour of the return of live music.

According to the survey which was conducted in the UK by live music industry body, LIVE, they found that 75% of live music fans in the UK would actually feel comfortable to return to live music events if they have a COVID certification set.

They felt that it was important to conduct the survey as the UK’s government looks to reopen as a whole, be that venues, events and more.

Dubbed as the #ReviveLive music survey, it was distributed to members of the body, being varied members of age, demographic and gender.

According to LIVE, their “survey of 25,000+ people is the most detailed research yet conducted on the attitudes of UK music fans towards the return of live events and how they want them to be run in a post pandemic world.”

Not only did they find out that most people are pretty keen to get their asses to a gig ASAP, within the findings they also discovered that 53% of people would be down to attend gigs with no extra hygiene measures in place. They also found that 73% of fans have already purchased tickets to upcoming events.

And if people hadn’t, it’s because nothing’s appealed to them as yet.

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Greg Parmley, CEO of LIVE said, “After a devastating year for the live music industry it is fantastic to see the strength of feeling from fans across the UK who are desperate to get back to live music events. The industry has worked tirelessly to ensure that we can return as quickly and safely as possible.”

He continued, “It is notable that fans are willing to live with short-term mitigation measures in order to get back to live music as quickly as possible, with three quarters saying that they would be happy with a COVID-certification system as part of those measures.”

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