REVIEW: The Script @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, September 17th, 2022

Four years after they last headlined in Australia, The Script have returned to Melbourne to celebrate their monumental and unwavering career. The Greatest Hits Tour graced Brisbane on Thursday and Sydney on Friday, but nothing could’ve prepared them for last night’s atmosphere.

Despite the risk of getting caught in flash flooding, Melbournians trekked across the muddy lawns to Sidney Myer Music Bowl. The determination to see the iconic band was visible on everyone’s shoes. From there on it became more clear that everyone in the venue and across the lawn was a Script megafan. 

In the opening act, Conrad Sewell worked the audience as the perfect hype man. Not only did he play some of his most beloved tracks such as ‘Healing Hands’ and ‘God Save The Queen,’ but we got a preview of his upcoming single ‘Believer,’ which is bound to be a hit. 

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As soon as the stage went dark the audience erupted in anticipation. But they couldn’t quite beat the noise of confetti cannons exploding over the crowd as singer Danny O’Donoghue, guitarist Mark Sheehan, drummer Glen Power and pianist Curtis Stansfield launched onto the stage with a spectacular opening. 

Check out ‘Superheroes’

The stage layout was fairly simplistic, but cleverly used platforms and different screens to further create a sense of immersion when projecting images onto them. Otherwise, the performance was the band. Which was very much the point of the evening. 

O’Donoghue wanted to stress that this tour was to “go back to the places [they] love, people [they] love” and play the songs that they love. This mission was clear with every passing number, being a shared experience between the band and the audience who were singing and dancing together. 

The “unofficial anthem” of Ireland ‘Paint The Town Green’ brought any last reserved audience members out of their seats. 


Check out ‘Paint The Town Green’

In the lead up to ‘Before The Worst’, O’Donoghue tells the story of how he and Power met in LA, got hammered, went to a recording the next morning and managed to create the hit song. 

This quirky story was a clever and poetic way to talk about the track and their friendship while also highlighting all the notions that the band were deeming so important for this tour. 

Check out ‘Before The Worst’

In a complete contrast, the whole band joined the audience, up towards the lawn. Suddenly the performance lost its theatrics and instead became as if you were playing music with your closest friends. The moments with the crowd circled around O’Donoghue, singing the songs with the group were mesmerising and emphasised the band’s focus on celebration and collaboration. 

The highlight of the night was not the loud and explosive tracks, but these quieter acoustic songs. Ironically though, it was O’Donoghue calling an audience member’s ex on their phone and singing to them that stole the show. 

Check out ‘If You Could See Me Now’

“Scenes. Absolute scenes,” says O’Donoghue, as we return to the stage with more iconic songs to see the night through.

However, it would be somewhat disappointing to a Script fan to attend the Greatest Hits tour and miss some of their greatest hits! 

With a three piece encore, the band gave the fans the tracks they were all yearning for. The phones all came out and created a wave of light across Sidney Myer as more confetti and explosions erupted from the stage. 

Check Out ‘Hall Of Fame’

“Melbourne you’re fucking amazing,” finished O’Donoghue. “I’m gonna go off and get hammered now.”

The Script has one last Aussie show in Perth on Tuesday before they off for the Asian leg of their tour. 

The Script @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia




‘We Cry’

‘Paint The Town Green’

‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’

‘Before The Worst’

‘Dare You To Doubt Me’

‘If You Could See Me Now’


‘Something Unreal’

‘Arms Open’

‘Talk You Down’

‘For The First Time’

‘No Good In Goodbye’


‘Hall Of Fame’

Greatest Hits Tour – Australia

Remaining Dates

Tuesday, September 20th

RAC Arena, Perth, WA


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