Lizzo has taken to social media to share her thoughts about the ongoing protests taking place across America. The singer-songwriter and rapper has been posting videos prolifically, addressing the current racial climate following the death of George Floyd on May 25th.

In the caption of her most recent video, Lizzo – real name Melissa Viviane Jefferson – posed a series of questions for her fans to consider.

“I wonder what would happen if all the big companies and celebrities who have showed support on social media came out and used their platform to let activists and protesters speak and be seen?”, she wrote.

“I wonder what would happen if we allowed the outrage to have positive influence in our local government? What would happen if those in power defunded the police & dismantled their racist culture and corrupt power structures? Cities are burning, are you watching?”

In her latest video, Lizzo reminded members of the African-American community that they should not have to educate white people about racism.

“It is exhausting and if they don’t see it or believe it by now, they don’t want to. There are Googles and there are books, they can do that for themselves,” she said.

She also urged white people to continue campaigning for equality through advocacy and racial awareness.

“I know you’re not racist, but you have to be more than that. You have to be anti-racist. Speak up.”

“Protest is the beginning of progress, not the end of it,” she continued.

“And now that the protesters have everyone’s attention, what are the next steps we are going to take to make sure that we’re actually moving forward and we don’t go back to this bullshit?”

Lizzo concluded her Instagram caption by writing: “I stand with Minneapolis. I believe in us. Change is gonna come.”

Lizzo is one of many influential musical artists to champion racial equality in the days since George Floyd’s death. Recently, Jay-Z telephoned Minnesota Governor, Tim Walz, urging him to bring those responsible for Floyd’s death to justice.

Elsewhere, Billie Eilish took to Instagram to voice her frustration at endemic white privilege.

Check out ‘Good As Hell’ by Lizzo: