When Guns N’ Roses wrapped up their ‘Not In This Lifetime’ tour back in 2017, they promised fans that they’ll be back for more in the future. Now, it looks like it’s getting more and more possible that the group are about to name Australia as one of the locations for a possible Appetite For Destruction reunion.

Yesterday we noted how billboards were popping up in London promoting what looks to be a reunion of the Appetite For Destruction-era Guns N’ Roses. Featuring stylised images of the group’s members at the time of the album’s release, these billboards also linked fans to a Universal Music Group-endorsed website which features a countdown clock that’s set to wrap up at 2pm AEST on Friday.

Now, a series of posters have popped up in Sydney and Melbourne, prompting speculation that this reunion (if it indeed happens as it looks like it will), will be involving Australia in some capacity.

While some online commenters are speculating that the map shown on the new website is only showing the places that these posters have been placed around the world, others are insistent that these are the locations that Guns N’ Roses will be hitting up on their eventual tour.

Taking to Facebook earlier today, former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler (who is also set to touch down in Australia very soon to perform the album in question) made reference to the posters, but didn’t shoot down any of our theories. “The other pic is me on a billboard with my original brothers who started it all with me,” he wrote.

“The five of us together made the greatest rock album of all time. I will always be proud of what we did together. I will see all of you down under in two weeks so we can pay tribute to Appetite for Destruction.”

Guns N’ Roses ‘Not In This Lifetime’ reunion saw Axl Rose welcome back Slash and Duff McKagan into the fold, though notable members Steven Adler and Izzy Stradlin were sadly absent from this lineup. While Adler has petitioned for current drummer Frank Ferrer to be booted in favour of him, it looks like he might indeed be getting his wish if these billboards and posters are to be believed.

Whatever the case, it looks as though we’re set to find out what’s going on exactly at 2pm AEST on Friday, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for that long-awaited reunion.

Check out Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Welcome To The Jungle’:

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