As some readers may recall, we took you into your long weekend with the good news that your seemingly fanciful rock and roll dreams had finally come true after reports surfaced that Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose is set to front AC/DC.

But despite claims from fans that there’s no way in hell Rose could ever front the iconic hard rock outfit and this is all part of the most elaborate April Fool’s Day prank ever, we’ve just been given strong evidence this thing is real.

Acca Dacca are currently without a singer after longtime frontman Brian Johnson was forced to stop touring or risk permanent hearing loss. The doctor’s orders interrupted the legendary group’s North American Rock or Bust tour.

In a statement, the band had advised their US fans that more information regarding rescheduled shows was forthcoming and their remaining tour dates would likely feature a “guest vocalist”, and it appeared they’d finally settled on a replacement.

The news came via Atlanta radio DJ Jason Bailey, who claimed a “very, very good source” had informed him that Rose would be fronting AC/DC for the remainder of their US tour and that the arrangement was “all but a done deal”.

“From what I was told, this was all kind of new inside information to me, Angus is a very black and white guy,” he said. “He’s like, Brian, for health reasons, can’t continue fronting the band… so they wanted to continue going out on the road and continue making music.”

“So if you can’t do it, we appreciate your services, but the show must go on. They’re in town, they were auditioning people for the job, and then they flew Axl in, again, this is from my source.” Of course, the report was not without controversy.

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But despite protestations from irate Acca Dacca fans, TMZ now reports that Rose was spotted leaving the same Atlanta rehearsal space as AC/DC on Friday. It also just so happens that Atlanta is the first stop of AC/DC’s upcoming US tour dates.

According to an earlier report from Alternative Nation, a member of the GNRTruth fan forum had spotted Rose in Atlanta last weekend, claiming the singer was in town for rehearsals, but not for GNR’s upcoming reunion shows, of which none are scheduled for Atlanta.

Of course, neither side’s representatives have confirmed anything at this point and it remains speculation, but as the situation stands, it’s gone from Axl and AC/DC being in the same city at the same time to leaving the very same building amid some increasingly plausible rumours.

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