Kvlt fans rejoice; the Lords Of Chaos movie trailer and release date have been revealed in all their corpse paint glory.

Giving only a 26 second snapshot of what fans can expect, the trailer depicts Per “Dead” Ohlin, the legendary former front man of Norwegian black lords Mayhem, being bullied at school and having his fascination with death awakened.

Check out the brief but grim trailer below


The film, directed by former Bathory drummer Jonas Åkerlundwill hit cinemas on February 8th and bring to life the history of the Scandinavian black metal scene, as recorded in the book by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind.

Focusing on the events surrounding the infamous “black circle” and subsequent suicide of Ohlin, murder of Euronymous (Mayhem) by Varg Vikerness (Burzum)and multiple other attacks, grave desecration’s, murders and church burnings committed by members, the film aims to capture a brutal moment in Norwegian history that went on to define an entire sub-culture.

Check out this complied footage of churches burnt down by members of the “black circle”


Recent reviews of the film have praised the humor and metal stereotypes depicted, but have criticized the glossing over of far-right political views that dominated the scene, as well as over-simplifying the relationships between instigators.

Read a review of the film, courtesy of Metal Sucks, here.

Mayhem, depicted in Lords of Chaos

Lords Of Chaos will land of streaming services on February 22nd, marking a very short theatrical run. Expect it to be one of the talking points in the metal community this year.

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