Mac DeMarco has quickly followed up his recent instrumental album with another release. And it happens to consist of a casual 199 songs.

With absolutely no fanfare at all, the slacker rock king of the 2010s dropped the curiously-titled One Wayne G on digital platforms overnight.

It was actually noticed in Australia and New Zealand first, with an Aussie fan posting on DeMarco’s subreddit about the album. “Mac DeMarco shadow dropped a new album featuring 200 songs dating back from May of 2018 to January of 2023,” they wrote.

And unlike January’s fifth studio album Five Easy Dogs, the new release is not wholly instrumental. Song titles on the album don’t come with fancy names, instead being titled things like “20180512”, seemingly relating to when the track was created.

The release shouldn’t be that surprising, though, with the Canadian telling Exclaim! at the beginning of the year that more new material would be on the way in 2023.

In other DeMarco news, the singer-songwriter is about to hit the road in support of Five Easy Dogs. He’ll perform in Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, and London on the short tour, and will be backed by a full band (see full dates below). Five Easy Dogs will be played in its entirety, alongside rearranged versions of songs from across his other albums.

“Hello, Mac D here. In July we are bringing ‘Five Easy Hot Dogs’ to the stage. Should be nice, should be different, hopefully, it will be special. Hope to see you there,” he said in a recent statement.

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Mac DeMarco’s One Wayne G is out now.

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Mac DeMarco 2023 Tour Dates

Friday, July 14th
The Ford Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Tuesday, July 18th
Webster Hall, New York City, New York

Wednesday, July 19th
Webster Hall, New York, NY

Thursday, July 20th
Webster Hall, New York, NY

Monday, July 24th
Cabaret Sauvage, Paris, France

Tuesday, July 25th
Cabaret Sauvage, Paris, France

Wednesday, July 26th
Cabaret Sauvage, Paris, France

Sunday, July 30th
Hackney Empire, London, UK

Monday, July 31st
Hackney Empire, London, UK

Tuesday, August 1st
Hackney Empire, London, UK

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