MAMAMOO’s Solar opened up about how the group was so busy doing their early days that she couldn’t really ‘process’ what was happening.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar says that the group’s early days were such a whirlwind that she couldn’t really process what was happening.

In a new interview with NME, Solar talked about how the first eight years of the group were: “Honestly, during those eight years, I couldn’t really process it. We were so busy just trying to live and focused on working hard that back then, I wasn’t able to process the feelings.”

Solar also opened up about how she also felt uncertain about a lot of things during the group’s nascent stage, especially because she debuted at the age of 23, typically considered late for K-pop idols.

“Considering that I debuted at a relatively older age [for a K-pop idol], I did have thoughts like, ‘Can I do well?’ or ‘Can I continue this job later?’ And because the future was so uncertain, I did have a lot of worries.” she said.

Comparing this stage of her life to being a ‘seven-year-old’, she said that growing into the position of the group’s leader eventually became easier.

“I didn’t know much, but I would act first,” she told NME. “I had good endurance then, so much passion, but not much knowledge.”

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“As I gained experiences, I learned that there were things that weren’t great to do. I feel like I’ve learned so much since then. So now, there’s an aspect of me that is much more careful, but the overwhelming passion remains the same. It’s just that rather than acting first, I am careful and cautious.” she added.

You can read more about this topic over at the Asia Pop Observer.

Check out ‘Honey’ by Solar of MAMAMOO:

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