Trusting your spirit means having faith in your inner self, being authentic, and following your instincts, and it’s something that Australian singer-songwriter Matt Corby embodies in every sense.

Far away from the world of red carpets and a ubiquitous social media presence, Corby instead finds creative inspiration in the natural world around him, with his second studio album Rainbow Valley even being named after his tranquil rural property off the beaten track in the Northern NSW hinterlands.

With his love of drawing inspiration from his connection to the land and space around him, it seems like a perfect pairing as the ‘Problems’ singer joins forces with Wild Turkey Bourbon for their latest exclusive and unique campaign, which encourages us all to “Trust Your Spirit”.

Continuing with their commitment to supporting musical talent and celebrating their shared passion as they bring their tagline “Trust Your Spirit” to life with their latest program, Music 101, Wild Turkey’s latest exciting initiative will see fans get the once-in-lifetime opportunity to get up close and intimate with Corby as he performs in the serene and intimate setting of the great outdoors in an incredibly special moment that’s sure to be one that lucky guests will remember forever.

They’re also offering the rare and exciting chance for up-and-coming artists to join a mentorship program with Corby himself, where they’ll be offered invaluable advice from the singer – something many emerging musicians would do anything for.

“I think our interests are really aligned,” Corby told Rolling Stone Australia. “The basic premise of it is to kickstart a bit of live music again and give up-and-coming musicians a chance to connect with other artists.”

He added, “I feel like I’m starting to step into that mentorship role too now, too, as a producer and as someone that runs a little label.”

“I’ve been touring and playing live for 12 years, maybe even longer. And in the last few years, it’s obviously been horrible for live music. So I’m stoked that people are coming up with initiatives to bring it back.”

As for what Wild Turkey’s tagline “Trust Your Spirit” means to him, the 32-year-old mused, “I think it’s just about backing yourself and doing what’s right.”

“When I speak to people and they’re struggling with music, I always tell them, ‘No one is you in that exact point of time with your exact thoughts and whatever instrument is in front of you – so you should honour whatever it is that you’re feeling.”

He continued, “Even if you think it might be stupid or too simplistic, I think it’s worth getting it out there because, to someone else, it could be insanely profound. And I think that’s a huge part of that is trusting your spirit and not giving into the pressures of what you think someone wants you to do.”

Despite being a star from a young age, Corby admitted that he, too, still faces doubt when putting his innermost thoughts out into the public sphere.

“I try not to think about it once I’ve finished, I’m happy with it. I take the perspective that it’s not mine anymore and it’s for everyone else to judge or get involved with and be inspired by whatever they want to do with it,” he said.

“From then you just take whatever anyone thinks of it with a grain of salt, really. It’s amazing and cool if someone is inspired by it, but if someone’s agitated by it or thinks it’s sh*t, then whatever, that’s cool too” he laughed.

Music 101 is a platform for bold storytelling for artists like Corby – it’s a place for artists big and small to shine and to hero music in its most undiluted form away from the unnecessary flashiness and gaudiness that’s seen all too often in live music.

“Music is such a beautiful communal, sacred experience – it’s a primordial thing and it’s supposed to be shared,” he said.

“It’s not supposed to be this personal little club that you have just with yourself and your phone – It’s a group experience, and for us to accomplish that with the Wild Turkey events, that’s the whole essence of it, isn’t it?”

And it truly is the essence of what Wild Turkey stands for, with the brand proudly making bourbon their way for almost 100 years as they trusted their spirit to make what they believe is the best-tasting bourbon in the world, hence why they’ve endeavoured to mentor young musicians to want to trust their own spirit and follow their dreams.