Gastronomy’s ultimate zaddy, Matt Preston, has taken a break from his Masterchef duties to weigh in on a juicy serving of Australian music.

The man in the cravat lent his highly-coveted time to triple j unearthed to review some of the tunes that have been cooking up in the Australian music kitchen.  This may be the most important cultural day on the culinary calendar. For today is the day that Matt Preston has been exposed to The Chats. The result? controversial to say the least.

As an unashamed Masterchef fanatic, I know on good authority that Monsieur Preston is serious about his meat. If you served that man a grizzly Boeuf à la Bourguignonn, you may as well go into witness protection. But in this zesty nugget of content Preston has gone back on his word.

If you’ve heard ‘Pub Feed’, you know that The Chats have committed the ultimate crime against pub food by ordering a medium well rump steak. Any seasoned steak consumer knows that the ONLY way to eat a steak is medium rare. Apparently, this matters not to Matt Preston, who described the track as “perfectly seasoned, meaty, chunky, like a great plate of chips. With loads of tomato ketchup and soya sauce… nothing better”.

I have never been so appalled in my whole life. I can’t tell what aspect of this exchange is the most offensive, Matt describing The Chats as “perfectly seasoned” or the fact he eats hot chips with soya sauce. This is disgusting, and not disgusting….ly good.

Matt Preston The Chats

Matt continued to review a selection of other songs, including the sensually tantalising extravaganza that is Master Chef’s ‘Muffins’. Thankfully, Matt’s taste did prevail in this review, describing it as “That is sweet AF, I am frothing over that. That’s mint.” He also took a brave stance and declared it to be “the future of recipe writing.”

Watch the video below.

Matt Preston reviews the Unearthed cafe

Matt Preston brought some serious Crevattitude to the table when he reviewed all of these food-themed songs from Unearthed

triple j Unearthed 发布于 2019年6月5日周三

In conclusion, Matt was impressed by the restaurant, but “at the end of the day, I’m only coming back for the Pub Feed.”

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