Megadeth’s bassist, David Ellefson, is planning to release a cover of Post Malone’s track ‘Over Now’ with his band Ellefson. The band will upload the cover to Bandcamp on Saturday, May 9th, and to other streaming platforms on Friday, May 15th.

‘Over Now’ will appear on Ellefson’s debut album, which is due out later this year. In a press release, Ellefson lead singer, Thom Hazaert, revealed that Post Malone and Ellefson are actually pretty close.

“Posty has become a good friend to our camp.” Hazard said, “David (Ellefson) and I have both gone to shows, and hung out and spent some time with him, and we have definitely spent some nights texting and nerding out over classic metal and our fanboy devotion to Metallica, Megadeth etc.”

“Meanwhile, I am honestly a huge fan of his stuff, his lyrics. I can honestly say, and I talk about it all the time, there is not an artist who has come out in a long time that has impressed or influenced what I do more than Post Malone.”

Ellefson confirmed that the band are “all fans of Posty, and he’s also been a huge fan of Megadeth and all things metal. Aside from being a great song for any genre, our cover of ‘Over Now’ is our way of showing our mutual admiration and paying homage to our friend.”

The track also features regular Ellefson band members Paolo Caridi and Andy Martongelli on drums and guitar respectively. Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal performs backing vocals on the track as well.

David Ellefson has kept busy during the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, he featured in a video for Jackson Guitars, speaking about the instruments he used on Megadeth’s Rust In Peace. The iconic album is celebrating its 30-year anniversary this year.

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