If you like your music a little rougher than most, and with the sort of passion and integrity you can’t find elsewhere, then you might need to wrap your listening gear around I, the debut EP from Melbourne’s ISUA.

Having first formed back in 2018, ISUA spent the last couple of years honing their craft against the background of global crises, with their music and message becoming all the stronger during this time.

Comprising members DAWN, Giant, Defamer, No Haven, and Weedy Gonzales, ISUA emerge with not only a sense of acclaimed pedigree, but with a sold-out debut show also helping prove their worth as one of the country’s most exciting new heavy acts.

Last month, the group unveiled their debut single, with ‘Burden Of Dreams’ serving as one half of their new EP. Inspired by the documentary of the same name by Werner Herzog, the seven-minute track draws parallels with the film’s content and their own journey, underlining their collective ethos of overcoming a great struggle.

Check out ISUA’s ‘Burden Of Dreams’:

“German director Werner Herzog begins work on his 1982 epic Fitzcarraldo but soon runs into serious setbacks, from casting problems to his own stubborn refusal to use special effects,” the group explain. “After having to reshoot much of the film because the lead actor was recast, his crew must then haul an old-fashioned steamboat over a mountain using manpower alone.

“With a resolve bordering on insanity, Herzog struggles to realise his vision, vowing to see the film completed – even if it leads to his undoing.”

On the flipside, the EP is rounded out with the six-minute ‘Anemoia’, which sees the group turning up the aggression, with a sludgy bass intro soon giving way to rough distortion, unforgiving rhythms, and the blistering vocals of vocalist Mikey.

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Describing the EP as “a meditation on chaos”, it’s a timely release for the times we find ourselves in. Of course, while the future is uncertain, ISUA have also followed things up by announcing a live return at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel next month. On the bill alongside Diploid and KILAT (a nascent black metal band featuring members of My Disco, High Tension, and Whitehorse), the show is already sold out, but it serves as a testament to the sort of vehement following that ISUA already command.

ISUA’s I EP is out now, with physical copies available via Crucible Art.

Check out ‘Anemoia’ by ISUA:

ISUA Live Dates

Saturday, November 13th (Sold Out)
The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Friday, December 3rd
The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar, Melbourne, VIC
Tickets: Oztix