We’re sure plenty of people out there would say that nothing turns them on more than someone rocking a faded Iron Maiden tee and a leather jacket, but according to one of the metal genre’s biggest names, it’s not exactly the sexiest scene going around.

Even legendary metalhead Devin Townsend admits in an interview with Allschools (via Blabbermouth) that his chosen style of music might be about as far from sexy as you can get.

When asked about the right time for a metalhead to cut or shave their signature long locks, he was asked if that was where the genre’s “sexiness” stemmed from, and he seemed pretty skeptical of the whole idea.

“Is there such a thing? Metal sexiness?” he responded. “A bunch of sweaty dudes in black clothes?

“This is possibly the most sexless genre that you could find,” he continued, but said that it might actually work in the band members’ favour as the years go by, as the constant pressure to be “sexy” all the time faced by other performers isn’t there, and they won’t find themselves suddenly disposable when their hair falls out or their wrinkles start showing up.

“I think it makes it easier to manipulate yourself in middle age,” Devon says, “because there’s no real need for you to pursue sexiness as a fundamental aspect of your work.

“So you’re talking to the wrong guy when it comes to that. Sexiness, for me, is… I don’t know… What is sexiness for me? Food.”

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Rather than trying to be a sex icon, Devon Townsend and many other metal musos are just happy to let their music do the talking/flirting for them, and that sounds like the right approach to us – although we won’t begrudge anyone who finds “sweaty dudes in black clothes” to be the ultimate turn on, either.

Devin is also just so unconcerned with his own image it’s hilarious, with his bizarre social media presence showing full of snaps of the guy trying his best to be the goofiest, weirdest-looking guy in music, and generally succeeding.

Check out the full interview with Devin Townsend: