Producer Metro Boomin has come out in defense of both YSL and Young Thug on Twitter as the group faces RICO charges.

Metro Boomin has recently made a statement on Twitter in defense of both YSL and Young Thug. The prolific producer pointed toward the good that YSL has done for both underprivileged black people and job creation, stating that the group is a registered LLC and not a gang.

Although Boomin only gave one reply in his comment section, the rest of the comments engaged in debates with each other over the matter. Many were arguing over the indictment and whether specific charges were warranted or not, such as charges based on social media posts and conspiracy against RICO.

Regardless of the charges, if the indicted are prosecuted guilty and charged with prison time they will be going into an inhospitable and brutal prison system. The US prison system is objectively unsuccessful at reforming or rehabilitating those who are sentenced to its cells.

The U.S. releases over 7 million people from jail and more than 600,000 people from prison each year.2 However, recidivism is common.101134 Within 3 years of their release, 2 out of 3 people are rearrested and more than 50% are incarcerated again.

On top of the potential fate of being constantly cycled in and out of prisons, there are also inhumane conditions within the prisons such as a lack of air conditioning for prisoners in notoriously hot states, including Georgia, and mind-breaking solitary confinement, which is also rampant in Georgia prisons.

Department policy says the solitary confinement program is meant to be a roughly nine-month “incentive program” used to encourage “appropriate adjustments” so prisoners can be returned to the general prison population, the lawsuit says. But in practice, it alleges, men are held there for months or even years, “despite the serious health consequences of long-term solitary confinement.”

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They are locked in their cells 24 hours a day, apart from occasional showers, medical appointments, and legal visits and have very limited access to phones, recreation, or social interaction, the lawsuit says. In some areas, cells are infested by rats and roaches and smell of urine and feces because human waste accumulates in toilets and the flush mechanism is controlled by staff, the lawsuit says.

At least 12 men have died by suicide at the prison in the past two years, including some who were held in solitary confinement at the time, the lawsuit says.

“YSL is not a gang and never been a gang fool, YSL is a registered LLC and has provided countless jobs and opportunities for underprivileged black people and really just all people cause that’s how big Thug heart is.”

“Why can’t it be an LLC and also a gang?”

“They need to add your name to the indictment”

“Yea let’s just promote gang violence and murder for hire that seems to be working out great for the hood. Who’s really sick in the head if you the one out here rooting for these lames wearing dresses and playing gangster.”

“You sound crazy as shit and gotta be white. By yo logic Eminem should be locked up how often he promote rape and so should Cardi B cause she talk about stealing , or Kendrick he got songs about killing . This why YT’s and Uncle Toms shouldn’t speak on the culture”

All you got to do is read the indictment or you can keep on going off the headlines from your favorite hip hop news profile.

“And all the headlines is negative dumbass if I was looking at them I would sound like you and the Twitter DA’s”

“I read the indictment he was charged with Rico and Participation In Criminal activity which can be anything and recently got drugs and guns added from the house raid . Maybe you should stop tryna be a Twitter detective. This it tho I see you just trolling weirdo”

“THANK YOU. I keep speaking on how this is a 10 year witch hunt that finally got executed and ppl like “they criminals” like okay everyone is really. Georgia and the American govt. has a vested interest and history of this shit. Since forever. Ppl lack any type of sense.”

“Real one for speaking on this. I ain’t heard future or drake or nun of his frequent collaborators say nun and I’m not happy with that”

“To be fair I can guarantee a lot of these guys especially those closely affiliated with YSL like Baby, Future, 21 etc… have all been told by their lawyers or managers to just stay quiet about the situation rn. You never know who they are trying to link into this”

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