Fans of the late rapper MF Doom have been left less than impressed with his inclusion on the Joe Biden inauguration playlist.  

Following the announcement of Doom’s passing earlier this month, it has been revealed that his song ‘Coffin Nails’ appears on the playlist.

As reported by UPROXX, criticism from fans stems from Doom being barred from reentering the US after he concluded an overseas tour back in 2010.

Born in England and raised in America from infancy, Doom never applied for US citizenship despite having lived there for most of his life.

As a result, he spent the last decade of his life in England, which included the time period Joe Biden was vice president to Barack Obama.

Given Doom was blocked from reentering the country during Biden’s tenure as vice president, many fans are questioning the sensitivity of including his music on the playlist.

Check out some of the reactions to MF Doom featuring on the Joe Biden inauguration playlist: