Quavo was recently interviewed by Billboard on a number of things, including his role in the upcoming movie, Wash Me in the River.

As reported by Billboard, Quavo is set to play the role of a character called Coyote who at this point has been described as “a ruthless drug lord”.

“I’m a ruthless gangster, ruthless killer named Coyote,” Quavo says.

“It’s just an honor to be on the screen with Robert De Niro, Jack Huston and John Malkovich. I’m just blessed and I can’t wait for y’all to see it.”

The rapper continues, “It’s a very action-packed movie. I had fun doing it. I stayed in Puerto Rico shooting for a whole month grinding. There was some long film days. Them film days are different. It’s like you’re shooting a video all day.”

When asked what it was like interacting with De Niro, Quavo replied, “I said what’s up to him.”

“I told him I said a line in one of my new songs about the trip I just took, and he was just like, ‘For real. M-I-G-O-S, right?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, he’s finna go home and look me up.’ It was too hard. I couldn’t wait to tell my Mom dukes that I’m gonna be on the screen and kicked it with him. He’s a nice dude.”

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Alongside working on the filming for the upcoming movie, Quavo also has multiple other projects on his plate too.

As per NMEMigos are reportedly gearing up to release their fourth album titled, Culture III.

When asked on Valentine’s Day when we might be able to expect the album, Quavo confirmed, “It’s coming real soon. Less than a month and a half.”

The album will mark the group’s third album as part of the Culture collection.

Watch Quavo in the music video for ‘Walk It Like I Talk It’ by Migos featuring Drake.

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