Mike Dean took to Twitter to troll BTS in The Grammys’ comment section. The ensuing mayhem between Dean and the armies was pure gold.

Mike Dean has produced some of Kanye’s best works over the years from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to Yeezus. He also mixed Donda 2. This venture into the Grammys’ comment section on Twitter isn’t the first time this year he’s made headlines for calling people out.

The seven-time Grammy-winning producer also called out the likes of Prodbyzaqq for his constant spamming underneath Kanye West’s Instagram posts. However, at that time he had everyone who was annoyed by the spammer on his side. This time, he takes on the BTS army headlong.

The initial comment in question comes from a picture the Grammys procured on their Twitter page of BTS during their performance. The post asks its audience to name a group smoother than BTS, to which Mike Dean replies.

“Anyone,” says Mike Dean.

The ensuing events involved many armies attacking Dean as an artist, asking who he was, and calling him pathetic. Many hip-hop heads came in to defend Dean, who is known as a veritable legend in the space.

“Yes. I got jokes. Like to push army’s buttons. It’s fun. I might produce bts one day. They have asked for music before. Who kkow.”
“U will all grow up and discover music one day”
“9-10 credited songwriters per song… why would a company like BigHit spend so much money in so many songwriters who only do the “10% of the job”?”
“It’s funny to read so many armys saying BTS members write “90% of their music”, based on a statement made a BigHit employee. Hahahaha, there is no way BTS members have writen 90% of their music. Just check the writing credits of every single BTS album. In all of them are like”
“Team travis and kanye. Get these Bts fans off my dick.”

User @modooborahae commented on the situation and said that Mike Dean’s treatment of BTS is merely an obstacle that the group has to overcome all the time from members of the Western industry.

Mike Dean has since issued an apology to the group, saying he was salty about losing album of the year. He also said his partner talked to him and made him feel bad about his actions.

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