Mike Shinoda has shared a video for his song ‘Open Door’.

The Linkin Park co-founder recently released his new solo album Dropped Frames, Vol. 1. The album mostly comprises of instrumentals inspired by Shinoda’s Twitch streams, in which he engages with fans live from his home studio.

Shinoda has described Dropped Frames, Vol. 1 as “just as much about the live channel as it is about the ‘album’.”

“The collection of songs is a highlight reel of the tracks I make on the channel, but a big part of the experience is the stream itself,” he says in a statement. “”When I start, I usually have very little idea of where it will go. What comes out is a product of the viewers’ suggestions, my spur-of-the-moment ideas, and whatever inexplicable magic is floating in between.”

With that in mind, the video for ‘Open Door’ resonates with both Shinoda’s Twitch streams and the time we currently find ourselves in. Recorded on a macOS desktop, the video features home-drawn graphics and animations, as well as contributions from Shinoda’s fans.

Shinoda’s debut solo album Post Traumatic came out last year. The album is partly inspired by Linkin Park co-founder Chester Bennington, who sadly passed away nearly three years ago.

Earlier this year, Linkin Park’s track ‘In The End’ reached whopping one billion views on YouTube. Shinoda spoke to Rock Sound about the story behind the band’s hit single and how the song came to be.

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“At the time, Hollywood and Vine had prostitutes and drug dealers…. and a bunch of Scientologists. There was a place that was calling itself a reading centre, to teach you how to read, but all of the books were Scientology books, which is really kind of dark,” he explained.

“And that was the place where we found a rehearsal room that we could afford. And we were writing it there. And we were working on our show and our songs there. And I decided to stay overnight in that building, and I wrote ‘In The End’. And I think Rob Bourdon [drums] was the first one to show up the next day for rehearsal, and I played it for him, and he was freaking out.”

Check out the video for ‘Open Door’ by Mike Shinoda:

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