Bassist Nikki Sixx of heavy metal collective Mötley Crüe is celebrating an important milestone today: 19 years of sobriety.

Taking to Instagram, the 61-year-old bassist has shared a road he’s been travelling for almost two decades – going through the twelves steps, and remaining sober for an incredible 19 years, and counting.

“19 years of gratitude one day at a time,” the Mötley Crüe bassist detailed. “It is the road worth traveling if you are struggling.”

Alongside a photograph detailing that at the time of posting he’d been sober for a total of 19 years, or 228 months, 6,941 days, or 166,565, he noted: “Old timers are here to guide us but new comers to sobriety are the greatest gift to this simple program.”

Nikki Sixx had previously struggled with substance abuse, while even overdosing from heroin in 1987. Since that moment in time, he has been active in a recovery program, noting that it’s a definite credit to transforming his life.

“First thing I did and continue to do is cut toxic people outta my life, then comes the first step and then freedom (if you work it). Even non addicts could use the 12 step program to better their lives,” he further details.

“To me it’s a life program. I am a better man, father, husband, friend, band mate and creative spirit because of this program.”

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In a prior celebration of sobriety, in 2013, Sixx wrote that “By letting go of self and ego, working a program that connects you to a higher power and giving back to those still struggling are just some of the important things you learn through sobriety.”

“You get to repair the damage done from drink, drugs and horrific behaviors (that broke people’s hearts who loved you.”

Check out Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx’s Instagram post: