It’s not every day we see an artist make an astonishing debut single like ‘I Need Space’. But then again, there are very few artists out there like Mr Big Stuff.

Years down the line, music historians will look back at this week as the one which gave us the exciting Mr Big Stuff. The musical moniker of Gregory Truman, we recently saw the release of his debut single ‘I Need Space’, featuring synthpop auteurs Strange Talk.

Now, we’ve just received the quirky music video which puts the song into context, and helps to showcase the fun-loving nature of this exciting artist.

An exciting mix of pop and hip-hop, ‘I Need Space’ serves as an absolutely stunning debut for Mr Big Stuff, making us all the more excited for what lies ahead. Blending quick, thoughtful lyricism with a slick, summery instrumental, the track was inspired by a break up close to his family, and serves as something of a poppy method of catharsis.

Check out ‘I Need Space’ by Mr Big Stuff:

To accompany this gorgeous song though, we’ve just received its surreal, quirky film clip, which was created in collaboration Lionel Towers (Gypsy & The Cat) and Andrew Mortlock (Cookin’ On 3 Burners, The Griswolds).

An immersive, psychedelic feast for the eyes, the clip sees the viewer transports from a surrealist library, to a vast desert landscape, to apocalyptic carpark, and on to an infinite galaxy, juxtaposing its melancholic lyrical themes with vibrant scenes that draw the viewer in with each and every passing second.

“Originally we had a space theme idea and then we kind of went for an idea of space overall – as in, the landscape of space and being transported to different worlds,” My Big Stuff explains.

“I had just gotten back from overseas when the idea for the clip was formed, and within a week we had set up filming locations, props, outfits, etc. It was a lot of work by the whole team and I’m very grateful to quality of the content that was produced.”

With ‘I Need Space’ only dropping this week, we’re far from done seeing this emerging artist, with a forthcoming EP set to continue the love for music and dance that Truman has held since childhood.

“I love to live life to the fullest,” he explains. “I was in a bad state, mentally and health-wise, for a while there, but now I have a new zest on life.

“I used to hide away because of my size, but now I embrace it! I got into making music through dancing, and the love and feeling that music gave me. I’m filled with joy to be able to finally come out from the shadows and show the world what has always been inside of me.”

The official video for ‘I Need Space’ is out on November 1st, but you can check it today if you scroll just a little bit further down the page.

Check out ‘I Need Space’ by Mr Big Stuff: