Nandi Bushell can add one more iconic guitar to her already impressive collection, with the guitar in question being none other than one from Muse front man, Matt Bellamy. The singer gifted his very own Bellamy signature guitar to Bushell as a token of appreciation for a cover she did of ‘Plug In Baby’.

ICYMI, Nandi Bushnell is a 10 year old girl who has become somewhat of a household name thanks to her guitar and drumming covers which became a a global viral sensation and earned her praise from the artists themselves.

Her latest hit cover was ‘Plug in Baby’ by Muse, with the original version turning celebrating its twentieth anniversary earlier this month. Bushnell took to Instagram to post the cover and captioned the video, “This was one of my most challenging covers so far,” Bushell says in the description below her YouTube video. “The guitar and bass are so fast I really had to practice a lot to get my playing up to speed. Everything you hear is me. No backing tracks. I recorded each track using Logic Pro.

“This is my [third] Muse cover now. I want to be able to play like all 3 members of Muse. Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard.”

Muse immediately took note and headed to their own Instagram to repost her video along with the caption, “Absolutely killed it again with ‘Plug In Baby’ @nandi_bushell.”

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However, Muse weren’t done with their appreciation at just that. Four days ago, a very excited Bushnell took to her own YouTube channel to reveal the incredible gift Bellamy had given her.

A buzzing Nandi dances around before telling viewers, “So I have got a gift and I’m really excited to open it. I do not know what it is so, let’s have a look!” She begins.

“I think it’s a guitar,” she says taking the blanket off the box.

“This is amazing!” said an absolutely ecstatic Bushell as she discovered the Manson Meta Series MBM-1 model inside the box. “This is so cool, thank you so much!”

An accompanying letter, signed by Bellamy, reads, “Hi Nandi, love the new covers. Thought you might like to perform some on my signature model. Best wishes, from Matt and the guitar team.”

Bushell has earned the stamp of approval for Muse before, back in December last year Bushell covered ‘Hysteria’ by Muse which was met with praise from Muse’s official Twitter page.

Watch Nandi Bushell opening the special gift: