People love a good mystery, in fact, we recently took a look at some of music’s most intriguing headscratchers to try and work them out. In fact, one mystery was trying to work out the identity of anonymous musician Lou Scarrs, who, despite a very famous past, has remained pretty much anonymous since he showed up on our radars. Now, it looks like it’s all happening again.

As you might be aware, Coachella recently dropped the lineup for their 2018 festival, resulting in a number of people, including One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, criticising the festival for their lack of bands.

But one act has raised a few eyebrows. On the first day’s lineup, nestled between TroyBoi and Perfume Genius, there’s a little act named Dreams. The problem? No one knows who they are. … Or do they?

As triple j reports, the Coachella message boards have recently been trying feverishly to work out who the act is. Soon enough, fans had discovered a Twitter account and website for the group, the latter of which features a rather familiar voice.

Yes, if you gave the tune on their site a listen and thought, “Why, that sounds like ARIA award-winning musician Luke Steele of The Sleepy Jackson and Empire Of The Sun,” you’d be thinking in line with everyone else.

The mystery soon deepened though, with Silverchair’s Daniel Johns changing his Facebook photo to the logo used by Dreams on their Twitter account (and on the tattoo on his neck), and accompanying the post with ‘#noonedefeatsus,’ the same URL used on the group’s account, which Empire Of The Sun soon followed with as well.

So, let’s piece it all together. We’ve got a seemingly-confirmed connection to Daniel Johns, vocals that sound like Luke Steele, and Empire Of The Sun showing their involvement too? Well, it looks as though this might just be the first taste of that ‘Talking Heads-inspired’ collaboration that Johns and Steele discussed about 16 months ago.

To pretty much wrap a ribbon around the whole thing, looking through Daniel Johns’ Instagram account to the time when the collab was announced results in the following post, a picture of Johns and Steele, captioned with the phrase ‘Early DREAMS’.

Case closed.

Check out one half of Coachella’s next supergroup, Daniel Johns’ ‘Aerial Love’:

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