Get ready to feel old, with the latest round of NBA draftees effectively revealing that they have no clue who one of hip-hop’s most iconic duos are.

Look, it’s awful getting old, anyone will tell you that. The music you love is no longer in vogue, your catchphrases suddenly become old and outdated, things start to hurt that shouldn’t, and you realise that the younger generations have no clue about the pop culture icons you worshipped.

Sure, we’ve seen the younger generations reacting positively to the likes of Black Sabbath, but on the flipside, we’ve not only seen the same kids confusedly stare at the walkman in horror, while we also learnt that pop icon Billie Eilish had no idea the Spice Girls were a real group.

But these are isolated incidents, right? Sure, some of these youngsters wouldn’t know some of the most legendary musicians of all time, but surely the purveyors of some of the greatest singles of the last two decades are safe, right? Nope.

Over the weekend, ESPN took to Twitter to challenge some of the 2019 NBA draft picks with a game of “name the ’90s”. Sadly, both we and the channel discovered that “these NBA players are WAY younger than you thought.”

So what sort of blasts from the past were on offer? Well, while most of these draft picks – who have an average age of about 20 – were unable to name the Super Nintendo, the Easy Bake Oven, and the TV show Sister, Sister, it was the musical questions that had them really stumped.

After being shown pictures of Outkast’s André 3000 and Big Boi, the future sport stars were stumped.

“Couldn’t tell y’all who this is,” Jaxson Hayes admitted, before Rui Hachimura simply labelled them as rappers.

Maybe this was a rare miss, after all, it’s not like songs such as ‘Ms. Jackson’ and ‘Hey Ya!’ were huge hits, right? Well, when it came to Destiny’s Child, things just got worse, with some of the youngsters referring to them as the “Spicy Girls”, the “Soul Sisters”, or even The Cheetah Girls.

While many commenters over on Twitter were shocked at the notion of these young sportsmen not knowing some of music’s most iconic hits, others chimed in to note that if the same question had been asked 20 years ago, the chances of similar questions being answered correctly would have been equally as low.

Of course, Outkast have indeed been in the news a bit lately, with rumours of a reunion circulating after André 3000 and Big Boi were photographed together during the graduation for Big Boi’s son, while André 3000 was recently spotted playing a flute in a US airport.

Maybe it’s time they got together for a reunion to educate the younger generations?

Check out ‘B.O.B.’ by Outkast: