Neil Young is set to team up with Crazy Horse once again, revealing that his latest album with the group is set to be called COLORADO.

If you’ve ever found yourself listening to the work of US rock outfit Crazy Horse, you’ve probably got Neil Young to thank for that.

Receiving widespread fame for their work with the Canadian musician, Crazy Horse first served as Young’s backing musician on 1969’s Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, and going on to appear on numerous other studio and live albums in the years since.

Over the last couple of decades though, Young hasn’t worked with the band quite as frequently as some fans might like. Following a nine-year break, Crazy Horse served as the backing band on 2012’s Americana and Psychedelic Pill, but haven’t plugged in for another Neil Young album since.

Now, Neil Young has revealed he’s gearing up to release COLORADO, his first studio album in two years, and first with Crazy Horse since 2012.

Taking to his website earlier today, Neil Young revealed that the new record is set to be released in October, with the album’s first single – ‘Rainbow Of Colors’ – gearing up to drop before the end of the month.

Featuring “10 new songs ranging from around 3 minutes to over 13 minutes”, COLORADO will be released on streaming services, CD, and a double vinyl edition, which will also feature a bonus 7″ with a couple of non-album tracks.

Most excitingly though, Neil Young also revealed that a new documentary about the making of the record is also set to be released, with Mountaintop Sessions hitting theatres the same week that the new album is released.

“It is a wild one folks, no holds barred,” Young explains. “You will see the whole process just as it went down! Worts [sic] and all! I don’t think a film about this subject with the openness and intensity we have captured has ever been seen.”

Filmed by C.K. Vollick and released via Young’s Shakey Pictures, more details about Mountaintop Sessions are yet to be revealed, but considering Neil Young’s reputation as one of the most dedicated and hard-working musicians in the world, both the film and accompanying album are set to be some wild affairs.

Check out ‘Piece Of Crap’ by Neil Young & Crazy Horse: