Nick Cave has teased that a third Grinderman record may be in the works. This will mark the band’s first new record since 2010’s, Grinderman 2.

In a new post on Red Hand Files, Cave opened up about his favourite guitarist, King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp. Cave and Fripp previously collaborated on the Grinderman track ‘Heathen Child’, off Grinderman 2. “Recording with Robert Fripp remains one of the seismic events of my life,” Cave wrote.

“I felt as though Grinderman was laying claim to their roots,” he adds. “Super Heathen Child continues to have an extraordinary hold over me, and contains within it a deep emotional pull because it is attached directly to my adolescence.

“Listening to it, I have that strange dizzying feeling a dream has when it suddenly becomes a reality; all that deep concentrated listening I did when I was a teenager manifesting itself over 40 years later in a Fripp solo that just blows the mind.”

Cave revealed that Grinderman 2, was “part of a yet to be completed trilogy, you might be happy to know.”

The band announced their break-up in 2011, though they reunited briefly in 2013 for a performance at Coachella.

Watch: Grinderman – ‘Heathen Child’

Cave’s last record came in the form of 2016’s Skeleton Key.

Last month, Nick Cave slammed comments made by a homophobic fan during an online Q&A. Cave stood up for his supporters, after one “fan” who referred to fans of his music as “pretentious fat lesbians”.

To which Cave responded, “In the interests of free speech, George, I have given you a platform. However, and I am speculating here, I think that probably ninety-nine percent of the people who read your question will think that you are being, well, a bit of an asshole. I could be wrong. It could be more.” Read more about it now.