Noel Gallagher has been running his mouth of late on everything from wearing masks to Taylor Swift, and now he has weighed in on ‘Champagne Supernova’ as celebrations for the 25th anniversary of Oasis’ 1995 record (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? continue.

The Oasis rocker recently sat down with SiriusXM for an interview delving into the band’s landmark second album. During the interview, Noel Gallagher delved into the lyrics of beloved album closer ‘Champagne Supernova’, admitting that he hasn’t the slightest what they mean.

“I was on my last tour and I was playing ‘Champagne Supernova’. That song is so long, and I often find myself drifting off enjoying the song and thinking, ‘What fucking does it mean?’ You know, ‘Walking down the hall faster than a cannonball,’ what the fuck is all that about? And I should know, ’cause I wrote it, and I haven’t got a clue,” Noel admitted.

“And it was somewhere in the north of England that I happened to glance up at the crowd. It was just a sea of teenagers, all young lads, all with their tops off on each other’s shoulders, singing the words of a nonsensical song by a band that were broke up when — they were two years old when the band fucking broke up.”

He continued, “I think to myself sometimes, you know, “That’s what it means. Because we recorded it and it was written while we were still relatively young. It still appeals to young people, and it’s gone through three or four generations now.”

Check out ‘Champagne Supernova’ by Oasis:

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Oasis will celebrate the 25th anniversary of (What’s The Story?) Morning Glory To commemorate the milestone, Big Brother Recordings has announced that they will be releasing the landmark album on a series of limited-edition vinyl.

Set to arrive on Wednesday, October 2nd — 25 years to the day of its original release — the remastered album will be available as both a picture disc and a two-LP silver heavyweight vinyl.

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Preorders for the limited edition reissue via the Oasis webstore will arrive with a replica of Noel Gallagher’s handwritten lyric sheet for ‘Wonderwall.’ Head to the website for more information.