Noel Gallagher and U2 recently graced Australian shores as part of U2’s monolithic Joshua Tree tour. During their trip down under, Noel Gallagher and The Edge found time to hang out with Brisbane cool kids Confidence Man. 

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 6, Noel Gallagher detailed a party that took place with Noel, The Edge and Confidence Man. The Brissie pop heroes invited Gallagher and The Edge over to their house for dinner and drinks, when the party took a rowdy turn and resulted in a confrontation from an angry neighbour.

“So we were in Australia with U2, and I’ve never heard of this band Confidence Man, and one of them said “have you ever heard of this band Confidence Man? and I was like, “No.” And they showed me some stuff on YouTube and it’s far out,” began Noel.

“So we were out one night after one of the gigs and we bump into them, and we spend the night out with them and they’re great — lovely kids.

“So the next night they say, ‘Do you want to come round to ours and we’ll cook you dinner. So me and The Edge went round. They show us their studio, and they’re playing us the tunes and tequila is taken and it gets a bit rowdy and there’s dancing. All of a sudden the neighbours start banging on the wall, right, so they kind of ignore them.”

This is where the situation escalated.

“So the neighbour comes round in his pyjamas, and he’s in a fury,” Noel continues.

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“So they sent The Edge out to see this guy right. It turns out this guy is a massive U2 fan, and Edge is in the front garden saying ‘oh, come on these kids, they’re musicians’ and the guy’s [Confidence Man] going ‘go on, go out and see the guy’.

“So I go out, and turns out he’s a massive Oasis fan. So we’re both saying to the guy ‘Mate, you don’t really want to call the police, do you?’.

“And he’s going, Are you In Oasis?’, and I was like ‘Well I’m not any more, but I was’ and he was like, ‘Is this The Edge?’ and I was like, ‘Yes’ and he’s going, ‘What are you doing here?!’

“Anyway, he goes off in his pyjamas and we end up doing pictures in the street at about two o’clock in the morning. And the kids text us the next morning and they’re like ‘he’s hated us for years, and now we’re like the kings of the street’.

“They’ve had no trouble since.”

We admire the absolute chutzpah of Confidence Man sending The Edge and Noel Gallagher out to deal with a disgruntled neighbour. That kind of pizazz is almost unheard of.

In June next year, Confidence Man will hit the road with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds for a slew of shows in The U.K. You can find the tour dates below.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
Supported by Confidence Man

Thursday, June 18th
Brandon, United Kingdom

Friday, June 19th
Cannock Chase, United Kingdom

Wednesday, June 24th
Bristol, United Kingdom

Friday, June 26th
Mansfield, United Kingdom

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