Noel Gallagher has claimed that an Oasis greatest hits album has been scrapped amid the ongoing feud with brother and bandmate Liam Gallagher.

The siblings, who have publicly butted heads since Oasis disbanded in 2009, were set to drop an Oasis greatest hits album that featured extra tracks from albums Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants, Heathen ­Chem­istry, Don’t Believe The Truth and Dig Out Your Soul, but they couldn’t come to an agreement on the highly-anticipated project.

According to The Sun, Noel explained that the album had “dropped by the wayside”, saying: “You know that ‘Don’t Stop’ demo we put up? We had planned to do an Oasis best of the 2000s because it’s a period of Oasis that the masses are not interested in but for the actual fans there’s some great tunes.

“With Don’t Stop it was like, ‘Well people are f****** floundering, put that out, the fans will love it’. Well, we did this best of and the bonus disc was gonna be all these unreleased songs.

He continued: “But, ha, unfortunately, we couldn’t agree on something and it got dropped by the wayside.”

The news is sure to be a major disappointment to Oasis fans, as the LP was set to include George Harrison tribute covers of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and ‘It’s All Too Much’ by The Beatles, and featured Yes drummer Alan White and Johnny Marr.

Speaking to Record Collector magazine, Noel elaborated on the scrapped project, saying: “There was this box in the cupboard under the stairs with all these blank CDs in.

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“I went, ‘Right, today I’m going to f****** take that’. I’m putting on these CDs and I found a load of old Oasis stuff, like songs I’d never recorded but demoed. I’m going, ‘No f****** way’.

“There’s a great version of ‘Eleanor Rigby’, a punk version, and an amazing version of ‘It’s All Too Much’ we did on the day George died. Johnny Marr’s on it.

“I’d forgotten all about it. It was just the backing track. Liam hadn’t gotten round to doing the vocals.”

Not all is lost, however, with Noel adding that he would now be releasing a collection to mark ten years as a solo performer.

“I was like, ‘Well hang on a minute, it’s ten years since I went solo, why don’t we just do a best of?’”

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