Rising punk outfit Off With Their Heads, recently released their sophomore Epitaph Records’ release, Home, which was Produced by Bill Stevenson of Decendents fame at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO. Embracing authentic punk rock at its core Home combines melodic fast paced aggression with mid-tempo pop, while singer Ryan Young’s rough and edgy vocals and genuine lyrics and sincerity. 

We caught up with singer Ryan Young third albums, Nick Cave and working with Decendents drummer Bill Stevenson.

You’re coming to Australia as part of the Hits And Pits Festival which includes some big names. Who are you looking forward to seeing and playing alongside?

I’m good friends with Boysetsfire. Its going to be fun to spend time watching them play, and trying to ruin their nights with alcohol. Joe from Jugheads Revenge is a pretty cool guy too. I’m sure by the end of this, we will have a bunch of new friends.

That being said – what has been your most memorable moment as a band?

It all blends together. I like meeting bands that influenced me as a kid. Sometimes they are assholes, sometimes they become great friends. I’m hoping for the latter from this point on.

You’ve also just released your third album Home – can you tell us a bit about it?

Its a record I wrote about how fucked up and stupid my life is. Just like everything else I do.

A very special person produced Home – what was it like working with Descendents drummer Bill Stevenson?

Why is he special? He’s just another guy. I don’t think putting people on pedestals is really a healthy practice. We had some good times and we had some bad times. I’m not sure if I would want to do it again or not. He had some good ideas and definitely kept me on my toes.

Facebook says that your genre is “Kind of like…….post…….rock?” Why did you choose to make this kind of music?

Thats a joke. Post rock doesn’t mean anything. Thats a fucking stupid thing to call a genre of music. We are just an angry band that vents the bad / crazy thoughts in my head.

You’ve also listed Aussie Nick Cave in your ‘artists we also like’ section, and it’s a good contrast to what bands you’ve also listed (Against Me, Dillinger Four, The Clash). What do you find so interesting about Nick Cave?

He is a career musician who did things his own way from day one. A true artist. He combines evil and love like nobody else ever has. I think thats cool because those two things parallel each other in my mind. I can’t write things that necessarily sound like Nick Cave, but I wish I could channel that somehow.

Off With Their Heads has a regularly changing line-up. Has this made things difficult in any way, or has it benefitted – if so, why?

I very much so have a “ You are either with me, or you are against me” mentality to what I do. I take that seriously. I would say it has its ups and downs. I wish I found people that had the same motivation that I do. Most people aren’t willing to dedicate their entire life to music. Its all I have, so I drive until the wheels fall off.

Why do you think punk music has lasted so long and resonates so well with people?

I’m not sure. I don’t really follow punk. I think its funny that there are so many different sub genres in this shit. I think my least favorite is when hipsters attach themselves to things like hardcore. Fashionable punk and hardcore is no different than Larry The Cable Guy to me. Just pandering to a select self absorbed crowd. I hate everyone.

What can people attending Hits And Pits expect from your show?

I’m just going to do what I do. Play my songs and then go sit at the bar and hang out until someone irritates me. Then I’ll go hide and feel sorry for myself. Just a prediction.

What’s next for Off With Their Heads?

Going to finish up touring the states hitting all the cities we haven’t hit since the last record came out. Then Europe one last time. After that, I’m going to hide out until I have a new record.

Off With Their Heads Home out now on Epitaph Records.

Off With Their Heads Tour Dates:

Friday, 15th November – Coolangatta Hotel, Gold Coast (18+)

Saturday, 16th November – Hifi Bar, Brisbane (18+)

Sunday, 17th November – Hifi Bar, Sydney (18+)

Friday, 22nd November – Palace Theatre, Melbourne (18+)

Saturday, 23rd November – The Governor Hindmarsh, Adelaide (18+)

Sunday, 24th November – Capitol & Amplifier, Perth (18+)

Listen to ‘Nightlife’

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