As part of our exciting new series, the Nettwerk Summer Sessions, artists will be taking over our Insta, starting with Old Sea Brigade.

A new year means endless new possibilities, and Tone Deaf is starting it on a creative high note with a new project we’re calling the Nettwerk Summer Sessions.

Over the next several weeks starting today (Monday, February 1st), we’re going to have a number of talented artists from the Nettwerk Music family take over our Instagram every Monday arvo.

But it’s not just a Q&A or anything. Each artist will be giving a special live performance as part of their take over of our Instagram.

Yes, it is indeed super exciting!

So to get everyone all hyped up for the juicy content that’s set to invade our Instagram over the next few Mondays, here’s the roster of talented Netwerk Music artists who will be performing for everyone:

Monday, February 1st – Old Sea Brigade

With his gentle vibes, buttery vocals, and mellow guitar playing, Old Sea Brigade is the perfect artist to listen to after a stressful day or when you need to just chill.

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Monday, February 8th – KALI

Kali Flanagan may only be 16 years old but she’s already made a huge splash with her debut single ‘Back To The Start’, enchanting fans with her indie pop/rock sound. Definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Monday, February 15th – Neil Frances

Comprised of Sydney-born Jordan Feller and Southern California native Marc Filfry, Neil Frances are all about bringing their own raw interpretation to electronic dance music and the result has been a body of work best described as beat-driven pop earworms.

Monday, February 22nd – Tim Atlas

There’s R&B and then there’s Tim Atlas’ version of R&B, which blends in elements of Neo-soul and surreal atmospherics. The result? Utterly brilliant.

Monday, March 1st – CEHRYL

If Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind were to be reinterpreted as a song, it is likely this song would be written by the talented CEHRYL. Combining her unique take on pop music with some hard-hitting lyricism, this Hong Kong-based artist will get the heart rate and waterworks going.

Monday, March 8th – Lawson Hull

The Newcastle-born singer-songwriter is all about dreaming big and lush, atmospheric guitar sounds, which is probably why his music evokes such beautiful imagery.