The rapper Saint Lane has received an apology from one of the ‘eshays’ who stole his dead dad’s car on the Gold Coast.

As per the Daily Mail, Saint Lane took to TikTok to expose the teenage thiefs who made away with the white Kia, able to find them through some expert sleuthing skills. He shared footage of the four teenagers posing with the car on the Gold Coast, making hilarious comments despite his clear anger.

“Damn, that kind of looks like a white Kia at the front of my house,” the rapper said in the video, before going on to show how he found the culprits by spotting the same jacket in different pictures.

Saint Lane later rightly refused to apologise for exposing the group online for their theft. “The Audi they stole wasn’t mine. It was my dad’s who some of you may know passed away,’ he explained.

“The sentimental value of that car far exceeds the monetary worth. If you kids stole any other car I’d probably just let the law handle it but y’all really poked the bear by breaking into my house and tarnishing the memory of my deceased father’s prized possession. “

He continued with a movie comparison for emphasis: “Destroying that car was like when they killed John Wick’s dog.’

Now one of the group has become the first to apologise to the rapper, which he shared on his Instagram. “the first domino falls,” Saint Lane wrote in the accompanying caption. “this would be the first time these kids have actually had consequences to their actions and I’m sorry that this has turned into a worldwide story but at least now this particular girl will most likely never steal a car again.

I accept her apology. Now just waiting on 5 more apologies and we can move on so I can get back to working on music instead of roasting children.”