This ones for all the ladies with an appetite for campish, cowboy glory. Orville Peck has unleashed his latest EP, Show Pony, and it features a collaborative track with Shania Twain.

The collaborative track, ‘Legends Never Die’, arrives with a new music video.

“Working with Shania was a dream come true,” Peck said in a press release. “Her music made me feel empowered as a kid and was a huge influence on me.”

Check out ‘Legends Never Die’ by Orville Peck:


The 6-track EP was self-produced by Peck, and offers a self-assured evolution of his 2o19 debut, PONY. 

s “I loved my experience with Pony. However, Show Pony is a more confident perspective and allows me to share even more both lyrically and musically,” Peck wrote of the EP. “Like all country albums, Show Pony is a little collection of stories – some sad, some happy – and I am excited for people to hear it. Working with Shania was a dream come true, her music made me feel empowered as a kid and was a huge influence on me.”

Show Pony features previously released singles, ‘No Glory in the West’ and ‘Summertime’. It also feels a momentous cover of Bobbie Gentry’s 1970 track ‘Fancy’. It’s nothing short of sublime.

Show Pony was initially supposed to drop on June 12th, however, Peck decided to delay the release of the EP to prioritise activism in the unfurling Black Lives Matter movement.

“We’re undergoing a huge overdue worldwide transformation thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement and that is mainly what I want to put my focus on at the moment,” Peck shared in a statement at the time. “The momentum is currently so strong, and it needs to keep going in order to dismantle the injustices of oppression, so if your voice hasn’t been heard yet just use it, or walk out and hear the protesters, and if you’re scared, tell them Orville sent you!”

Listen to Show Pony by Orville Peck: