Ozzy Osbourne may be retiring from the touring after his last trip around the world, however, the former Black Sabbath frontman wouldn’t mind seeing the continuation of his legacy of doom and gloom

Whilst announcing the tour dates for his final US tour, the legendary metal pioneer discuss whether he’s like to ever see a hologram of himself at live performances after his passing, saying “If I’m gone, I don’t have a say in the matter, quickly adding, “I can’t complain, I’m the prince of darkness, I will haunt you. Go fucking wild!” whilst mimicking a ghost.

As reported by NME, he commented on the controversy surrounding Justin Timberlake’s planned use of Prince’s hologram during his Superbowl performance, saying ““From what I know of Prince, he wouldn’t have liked that,” he said. “I read an article about him and he would never do taped interviews because his voice was his income.”

“And I know that from first hand because there was a time when people were pressing interviews on vinyl and I’m walking in the park one day and a guy had like 200 albums. I said, ‘What’s that?’ and it was a bootleg interview.”

Tone Deaf reported yesterday that Ozzy announced that although he was retiring from touring, he wouldn’t be retiring from music altogether and his final tour would take him into 2020.

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