There was a war of words overnight between rival dance music promoters Fuzzy, behind the ailing music festival Parklife which has been cancelled for 2013, and Sydney’s Astral People who are behind OutsideIn festival.

Fuzzy have touted their new event as Australia’s first intelligent dance music event, aiming to bring quality dance music to four inner city venues across Australia this spring.

Astral People have accused Fuzzy, who scuttled Parklife to focus on a new boutique dnace music party called Listen Out, of blatantly ripping off their concept, look, and logo. Astral People launched OutsideIn festival last year as a boutique electronic music festival featuring the likes of Flume, Smoke DZA, Oliver Tank, and HTRK.

Astral People had indicated last month that they were busy planning at 2013, but have since revealed that they’ll be delaying their announcement due to Fuzzy’s new festival. Responding to feedback they received from fans, Astral People took to social media to attack Fuzzy and their tactics, labelling Fuzzy’s move ‘insulting’ and a ‘blatant rip off’.

It’s not just the concept of a boutique electronic music festival that has riled up Astral People, who say “we are all for competition and companies bringing out new, interesting artists because at the end of the day why we do this is for the love of music.” Looking at a side-by-side comparison of the OutsideIn and Listen Out Logos shows a striking resemblance too.


“To see others now blatantly rip off what we’re trying to do is not just an insult to us but more so an insult to the intelligence of patrons and music lovers alike,” Astral People wrote on OutsideIn’s official facebook page.

“If you think that copying a logo and rebranding your festival is enough to win over fans then you’re sadly mistaken. Our fans know good music. At the end of the day we are confident that it’s what will always keep us a step ahead of the others no matter what sort of brand or name is thrown behind it.”

“We will be delaying our announcement so we don’t get caught up in the media mess that will eventuate over the next week but rest assured, we will be delivering a product to the best we can for you guys early next week. This has been a tireless effort from all our ends and united with our amazing fans we will return bigger and better this year. Don’t follow imitation, we got you.”

But Fuzzy Director John Wall has told TheMusic that any coincidences between Listen Out and OutsideIn are purely coincidental. “I saw a comment allegedly from [Astral People] saying that we’ve shamelessly ripped off what you’re doing with OutsideIn.”

“I hope you realise, and I mean surely you realise, that there’s no way we’d go out with the intention of harming anyone else or their event/business with anything we do. I don’t think that what we are planning with Listen Out is actually anything much like what you are doing with Outside In, and I’d say that will become very clear once we announce line-up on friday.

He added, “Our logo was designed only with reference to our own Parklife logo, we certainly didn’t look at yours. Clearly there’s no benefit [for] us to have a logo that’s similar to anyone else’s and again surely you understand that we’d never set out to make a logo similar to another existing one.”

“We have been doing house music events with music that we like since 1996 and what we’re doing is more of that – Listen Out will be extremely similar musically and organisationally to Harbourlife, which I guess you know started in 2003.”

“We had no idea you were planning an announcement around now – in general we try to avoid announcing too close to anything else similar.”

“So now I have to respond publicly and I don’t want to get involved in a slanging match – I respect what you do and have no intention of trying to undermine you. But I’m going to have to point out that our new event is along the same musical lines of a lot of things we’ve been doing for over 15 years.”

“I hope that the anger you’re feeling because someone shit-stirred by comparing the logo doesn’t make you unable to take what I’m saying as a honest and genuine.”

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