Paul McCartney revealed his recipe for the ‘perfect sandwich’ in a new interview and it definitely sounds like an acquired taste.

Speaking with British comedian Romesh Ranganathan while promoting his late wife Linda’s cookbook Family Kitchen, McCartney explained what he deemed to be the ‘perfect sandwich’. Be warned – just reading what’s in it is probably enough to make your nose turn up.

The main ingredients to the Paul McCartney ‘perfect sandwich’ recipe are Marmite, hummus, cheese, and lettuce, all placed on a honey mustard bagel. The musician explained to Ranganathan his method for creating the snack.

“I take a bagel, I cut it in three,” he said. “Often you have two bagels, so now you cut it into six. So you’ve got a top and a bottom, a top and a bottom, and two middles. You can get three sandwiches out of that.”

He continued: “So the bottom layer I put Marmite on and then I would put a little bit of lettuce, because I’m going to put hummus on but it’s going to go through the hole if I don’t put lettuce on.

You might get a little sliced cheese on there, you might have one slice of tomato, then you might have a little pickle or two. Then you go back to your lettuce barrier, because there’s another hole on the top, remember, so you’ve got to protect it from that. Then I put on honey mustard.”

McCartney’s daughter Mary then chimed in, saying “in a McCartney sandwich, we are not afraid of a condiment.” Bit of an understatement there, Mary.

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There’s just so much going on in this ‘perfect sandwich’ recipe. I think my mouth would panic even trying one bite. I get you’re a Beatles legend, a musical icon, but I’m not so sure you’re a culinary master, Paul.

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Check out Paul McCartney’s interview with Romesh Ranganathan below:

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